Top Tips for Window Cleaning

Are you looking for secret of getting your windows very clean? Use these tips for domestic window cleaning to save your time, energy and money. They were sourced from a window cleaner expert from Sydney, who has been constantly busy cleaning residential and commercial building for years.


Before you start cleaning windows, you need to have quality cleaning equipment such as bucket, squeegee, mop and scraper.


To remove stubborn marks such as paints, varnish or insects marks, you need a scraper. The best scrapper should include a replaceable metal blade. A 1-inch crapper or a pocket scrapper is enough for most maintenance jobs. Be careful when using scrapers on glass as it can course permanent damages if used incorrectly.


There are so many detergents in the market but we recommend Palmolive’ or Morning Fresh’. A number of people use vinegar in warm water, but the great challenge is that vinegar does not have suds that are necessary to lubricate the rubber during cleaning.


This is it the most crucial tools when it comes to window cleaning. Get the best quality in the market, not like those found on the petrol station. The best one should include the handle, the channel and a piece of rubber supported by the channel. The best allow you to turn the rubber when it gets old and only replace when both sides have worn out Ettore, Unger and Surbo are the most recommended brands in the market.


Quality mop comes in two parts; plastic t-bar and sleeve. This allows you to detach the sleeve when it is dirty and clean it the washing machine. Get a mop of about 14 inches and attached to t-bar using either buttons or Velcro.


Get a bucket that is wide enough to accommodate a mop and squeegee. Buckets designed for professional cleaners are available in the market, but a little bit expensive. Other tools that might be necessary during the Window cleaning include rags, poles, ladders, toll belt and bucket-on-a-belt.

Cleaning the windows

Here are simple steps that you need to take to achieve the best results:

  • Fill the bucket to almost half with cold water. You can put some few squirts of detergents or wait so that you apply the detergents directly onto the wet mop.
  • Use a wet mop with detergent to rub the window thoroughly until the dirt is fully lifted. In case of stubborn marks, scrape it with the scrapper Note that only use crapper on forward direction.
  • Now it is time to get the squeegee ready: Hold the handle of the squeegee in your right hand, with your hand at center of the top and side so as to achieve the correct angle. Apply the right amount and consisted pressure throughout. Generally, you will perform this step well with experience.
  • Clean off the glass water with squeegee from the top left corner as you snake down toward the bottom right. Make sure to cover all parts of the window including the edges.
  • Use a clean and dry micro-fibre to get rid of any water marks on the glass. – Wipe any water spilt on the floor or window sill with a towel.
  • In case there is any other mark on the window that did not come off, rub with a clean micro-fibre and the window will look fantastic.
    Repeat these procedures for all windows that need to be cleaned.