Professional cleaning services in Australia

Most commercial premises like shops, hotels, restaurants, offices, beauty, haircutting salons, showrooms, galleries, pharmacies and other places have a large number of people entering the premises regularly. The business owners hire a person to clean their business premises regularly, usually daily. However, the lack the time, resources and equipment to clean the premises thoroughly to remove some of the persistent stains and dirt marks. It is also difficult to clean the windows and other hard to reach places. In these cases, it is advisable to hire the services of an experienced and professional commercial cleaning services like David cleaning services which has provided high quality cleaning services for more twenty years to businesses in Melbourne and surrounding areas using environmental friendly materials.

What does a commercial cleaner do?
A commercial cleaner is a cleaner who specializes in cleaning commercial properties like offices, shops, restaurants, cinema halls, hotels. While the number of people entering a home is usually restricted, any person can enter a commercial property, so it is more likely to become dirty. The problem is also more severe during heavy rainfall. People are more likely to get infected or become ill, due to a disease causing microbe in a commercial premises. Hence people will avoid visiting commercial properties which are not clean. Hence it is necessary to hire a competent commercial cleaner who will use the latest equipment, cleaning supplies to keep the commercial property spotlessly clean and hygienic.

How do I get commercial cleaning contracts?
Some larger commercial properties like hotels are often advertising their requirement for cleaning services in newspapers or online, since they are interested in finding new service providers at a low cost. The cleaning service can send their lowest quote for the cleaning services, based on their expenses and type of service required. Almost every office requires a cleaning service, so contacting the business owner, with an offer is one way to get a cleaning contract. In other cases, the business is unable to find a suitable cleaner, due to lack of time. So the cleaning service, can check the window of each commercial premise, and contact the business with an offer for cleaning if the window is dirty. Mailers may be sent to all the commercial premises in the area with information about the cleaning service. Social media marketing is also another method for marketing the cleaning service online.

How much money can you make from a cleaning business?
The money a person can make running a cleaning business depends to a large extent on the kind of services offered, and the number of contracts which the business has. The services offered vary depending on the equipment the business has invested in. For example specialized equipment is required for window and professional carpet cleaning. Most cleaners start their business alone, doing all the cleaning, marketing and other work themselves. The cleaner will typically make $30000 in the first year. As the business expands and hires more employees, the profit will increase if it is marketed, managed well, offers high quality cleaning services and has a large number of customers.

What is the difference between commercial and industrial cleaning?
Commercial properties are usually located in towns, cities and sell products or services to people while industrial properties are used for manufacturing or warehousing. In industrial properties, the chemicals and other products which are used may be toxic, corrosive, dangerous and should be handled carefully. So for commercial cleaning the focus is mainly on removing the dirt and dust that accumulates due to people walking in and environmental causes, like pollution. Hence cleaning the commercial premises is comparatively easy. On the other hand, cleaning the industrial premises can be more difficult and expensive in many cases, especially in corrosive, toxic chemicals and other substances are being handled.

Do you need a license for commercial cleaning?
In Australia any business which offers commercial cleaning should have a basic business license which is specified by the Australian government. Most business will only give orders to cleaning services which are registered businesses. The business should also have insurance to protect itself in case there is any problem while cleaning, and also for its employees. Additional licenses may be required depending on the kind of cleaning services which are offered, and the area where the cleaning services are available.