House Painting Mistakes People Often Make

Painting is an art that defines your house and is one of the cheapest home improvements to spend on. Naturally, the best thing to do when people want to paint their houses is to seek the services of a professional, but considering how cheap it is to do it yourself, and with the breakout of DIY videos on the internet today, so many people decide to wing it…and end up messing it up. If you still want to paint your house yourself, at least be careful not to make any of these mistakes:

Buying the Wrong Paint

It will cause your painting project to fail from the onset. Avoid inferior paints like viruses. Interior colours are of typically lighter texture and require extra layers of paint. They might be cheaper on the counter, but you’ll need to buy more of them, so you’ll end up spending more eventually. Choosing paints is not an easy job as there are lots of trendy colours out there in the market some are bright some are dark, but if you buy the wrong paint, then everything that is plan gets ruined. So it is essential to consult with the expert before buying the right paint for your place, as you should consider all the available options.

Buying Not Enough Paint

Get a proper estimate before you go for paint shopping. It will spoil your plans if you paint finishes mid-way. Always remember that you will need two paint coats if you want to change the existing colour. So buy more paint. You will need more colour in the end for touch ups and fixing paint mistakes.

Buying Cheap Paintbrushes

I know we try to cut costs by doing it by yourself, but don’t scrimp on paintbrushes. The cheapest ones are the worst ones. You’ll do a better job and be done much faster if you buy good quality brushes. Weather conditions will not affect the excellent quality of paintbrush. Usually, the high-quality brushes possess the protective layer of starch or gum arabic that allows them to stay in their original shape after use.

Choosing Too Deep Colours

For many people, darker colours make bolder statements. But this theory will fall short if you don’t think about the amount of natural light in the room. Make all the bold statements in the world, but your room will look claustrophobic and depressing where there is not enough natural light.

Choosing Too Bright Colours

While overusing dark colours is bad, selecting colours that are too bright is an even worse idea. You will overwhelm your room. Imagine trying to catch a quick snooze in your bedroom, and it feels like you’re in a disco club.

Trying Too Hard to Match Everything

You probably like to match your clothes up, but the same rules don’t apply to paint. If you decide to match your paint colours for your furniture, nothing is going to stand out. Boooooringggg! Use lighter shades instead of the same tones, to compliment your furniture.

Skip Preparations

Skipping prep work is the most common mistake of DIY painters. Never paint on a dirty or dusty wall. Cover your gaps and cracks with compound and fillers. Use primers which can improve the look of the wall freshly painted. Try to avoid painting on rotten wood and wet surfaces. These things are important!


These 7 painting mistakes are the most common. Try to avoid them, and hopefully, your painting renovation comes out great.